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METAL ROOF - our services include the following:

A. Preparation & repair work

 Chemical Treatment

 Pressure cleaning of the roof - water blasting the roof to prepare for painting

 Any small defects will be repaired

 All rust areas will be treated

 Check all nails and replace where needed

 Remove all dents

B. Painting of roof

 Galvinised primer sprayed to form a bond between existing paint and new paint

 Spray-painting the roof 2 x colour coats with roof paint specifically developed to protect the roof in New Zealand weather conditions. (Colour of choice)

CONCRETE TILE ROOF - our services include the following:

 Chemical treatment to kill any moss and mould. This means the roof can be cleaned quicker which not only saves water but also provides a cleaner surface to paint on

 Any damaged roof tiles, ridges and barge tiles will be replaced to aid leak prevention and gives a professional finish when the roof is painted

 Pressure cleaning to prepare the roof for painting

 Redo the pointing of the ridges using Selly’s Pointworks Generation 2 which is specifically formulated for pointing. It is flexible and lasts longer, producing better results with no cracking unlike the traditional cement and water solution.

 At Roof Smart, we work on a three-coat system. The first coat is a tinted sealer coat that seals the surface of the tile. We then spray two colour coats which allows for a certain thickness on the tile which makes the paint last longer and provides a durable finish

*Please note the thickness of the coatings are to ensure that the roof is completely covered to a specific thickness which ensures that our guarantee of 10 years can be upheld. We will leave an additional 4 painted tiles as spares for future use.